Here are some of the characters featured in the books and webcomic, with their vital statistics.

Sticky BurrHeight:15 mm
Burr Village
Hobbies:drawing, painting, writing, play the ukulele,
Favorite Food:
Acorn muffins
Favorite Tree:
Paper Birch
Goal in Life:
To discover the meaning of everything.
Mossy BurrHeight: 18 mm
Home: Burr Village
Hobbies: writing poetry, hiking, karate, tai chi
Favorite Food: Berry pie
Favorite Tree: Sugar maple
Goal in Life: To explore Burrwood Forest and discover new places
Scurvy BurrHeight: 19 mm
Burr Village
jabbing squirrels, chasing crickets, collecting twigs, throwing acorns
Favorite Food:
Favorite Tree: Prickly ash
Goal in Life: This interview is over!
DraffleHeight: 15 mm
Home: Dragonfly Swamp
Hobbies: flying, buzzing
Favorite Food: mosquitos
Favorite Tree: Cypress
Goal in Life: To avoid being eaten by a frog or bird
Elder BurrHeight: 20 mm
Home:Burrwood Forest
Hobbies: walking, haiku
Favorite Food: Gooseberry strudel
Favorite Tree: The Larch
Goal in Life: To live for 200 years
Spiny BurrHeight: 15 mm
Home:Burrwood Forest
hanging around Scurvy Burr, jabbing squirrels, bothering ants
Favorite Food: Pinecone
Favorite Tree: Cactus
Goal in Life: You mean like a soccer goal?
OraleeHeight: 22 mm
Home:Valley of the Lightning Bugs
Hobbies: Stargazing, flying
Favorite Food: Nectar
Favorite Tree: Apple tree
Goal in Life: To count every star in the sky, and learn their names
Tansy BurrHeight: 15 mm
Home: Burrwood Forest
Hobbies: gardening
Favorite Food: carrots
Favorite Tree: Magnolia
Goal in Life: To grow the biggest vegetables ever.
BurweenaHeight: 28 mm
Home:Spooky Glen
Hobbies: none
Favorite Food: none
Favorite Tree: Witch-hazel
Goal in Life: To make life miserable for everyone
Jumping SpidersHeight: 5 mm
Home:Spooky Glen
Hobbies: jumping
Favorite Food: fleas
Favorite Tree: Sweetgum
Goal in Life: Learn to speak French
Daddy LonglegsHeight: 30 mm
Home:Spooky Glen
Hobbies: standing around
Favorite Food: flies
Favorite Tree: Hornbeam
Goal in Life: To keep intruders out of Spooky Glen
Locust KingHeight: 35 mm
Home:Always traveling
Hobbies: eating leaves
Favorite Food: maple leaves
Favorite Tree: Elm
Goal in Life: To eat every leaf on every tree in the world
Nettle BurrHeight: 14 mm
Home:Burr Village
puzzles, reading, inventing, bird-watching
Favorite Food: broccoli
Favorite Tree: Magnolia
Goal in Life: To discover new animals, plants, trees, rivers and hidden streams.
Benjamin and BarnabyHeight: 70 mm
Home:Spooky Glen
making mischief
Favorite Food: berry juice
Favorite Tree: Sumac
Goal in Life: To help Burweena make trouble for all the creatures in the forest
Walking StickHeight: 110 mm
Home:Burrwood Forest
eating leaves
Favorite Food: Maple leaf
Favorite Tree: Chestnut
Goal in Life: To try eating something new each day
EscalusHeight: 35 mm
Home:Always traveling
eating leaves
Favorite Food: maple leaves
Favorite Tree: Dogwood
Goal in Life: To help other insects in trouble, and always be fair