Fan Club

Anyone can be in the Sticky Burr Fan Club, and you don’t need to do anything to join. Just print out the official Fan Club Certificate, fill in your name, and you are now a member!

Sticky Burr Fan Club Certificate

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Here are some ideas for projects you can do as members of the Sticky Burr Fan Club:

1. Go outside and look for burrs in your backyard, neighborhood, or park. (They are usually found in the summer or fall.)

2. Print out some of the activity pages here, and fill them in.

3. Write your own comic about Sticky Burr, or some other forest creature.

4. Build a burr village out of sticks and leaves.

5. Make a Sticky Burr folder for your drawings and activity sheets, and decorate it.

6. Go on a nature hunt outside, see how many different animals and insects you can find.

Or invent your own game! If you have a suggestion for this website, you can fill out the survey below.

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Fill out this Fan Club survey if you would like to share your opinions with the author.


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